S. L. Kamo, Ph.D.


Office ES3121
Phone 416-946-0364

Research Interests

My main research interests relate to the prominent theories on the causes of mass extinction events recorded in the Phanerozoic rock record such as meteorite impact and large volcanic eruptions. Precise U-Pb zircon geochronology is an outstanding tool for establishing a temporal and genetic link between distal ejecta and a terrestrial impact site, and correlating the time of a bolide impact with the age of the extinction event. Volcanic ash layers can be used to constrain ages of fossil boundaries that can be correlated in time with major igneous events. Dating of the largest known Phanerozoic flood volcanic event, the Siberian traps, has shown that it was synchronous with the largest known mass extinction at the P-Tr boundary. Current research projects include geochronological investigations in combination with structural-stratigraphic work in an Archean greenstone belt in the Yilgarn craton, western Australia, the Grenville province, as well as on-going work on the K/T boundary, the North American tektite strewn field, and testing of inter-laboratory standards materials.

Recent Publications

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Carrying out field work in west Greenland


Zircons being weighed on a microbalance