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Research in the basin analysis group focuses on the following areas:

1. Fluvial architecture, sequence stratigraphy, and reservoir studies.
2. Sequence stratigraphy of the Cretaceous-Tertiary record of the Alberta Basin
3. Sequence stratigraphy and the global cycle chart. Problems with the stratigraphic concepts surrounding the model of global eustasy, and the value of the Exxon global cycle chart.
4. The social construction of the earth sciences (Collaboration with C. E. Miall, Department of Sociology, McMaster University)

Other professional activities:

1. NATO's "Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society"
2. Royal Society of Canada Symposium on "Energy, Environment and Society: Making Choices", 25th November, 2003

Andrew D. Miall
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Aerial view of transverse dunes, Gobi desert, western Gansu Province, China. The sun is shining strongly from the left on the dune faces. Dark patches are damp interdune hollows. Two superimposed sets of current ripples formed in a fluvial backwater. Beaufort group, Karoo Basin, South Africa. Aerial view of a meandering river, near Pink Mountain in NE British Columbia. Crossbedding in the Hawkesbury Sandstone (Triassic), near Sydney, Australia.